Megan Cunanan Murphy is a ceramic sculptor, living and working in New York. She oscillates from creating functional work to purely expressive sculptural work, but with the encompassing thread of the ceramic medium. In her work she explores human vulnerability, feminism, and reflects on the structure of human society.

Born in the Philippines, she was shaped to develop a burdensome work ethic in the pursuit of perfection. She migrated herself to America at the age of 14 to follow her artistic dreams. She received a BFA with a concentration in ceramics from the University of Kansas. There, she took her first ceramics and sculpture classes. Over time her idea of perfection quickly dissipated and has been replaced with the practice of being present in “just making.”

Murphy’s work has been exhibited in Kansas, New York, and across America. Aside from having a consistent studio practice, she works as the Program Coordinator at BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center in New York. There she actively shares her passion for the medium and preaches that every single person has the capacity to express their innate creativity.